Why Skin Tanning Is Winning Against Skin Whitening

Ever since I can remember, fair skin was better. Those who had fair skin were chosen as models and they were always considered beautiful. No wonder a lot of men and women have chosen to take artificial whitening products so that they can achieve whiter and fairer skin.

This can be traced to how history, culture, and media interacted. Before racial equality was a thing, only the white people were considered superior. But slowly, this is changing.

From Skin Whitening to Skin Tanning

Thanks to a lot of awareness campaigns on the equality of races, more and more people are starting to embrace their true skin colors. More Asian and African women are on the runway and are making their way to the red carpet. At the same time, more people are embracing their tanned skin especially when famous celebrities are getting tanned skin themselves.

There are a lot of reasons why people want to get tanned. For one thing, a darker complexion can hide a lot of blemishes on the skin. Notice how fair skin gives away eyebags immediately. Unlike tanned or dark-skinned people, fair-skinned people have more obvious rashes, dark spots, veins, and eye bags.

Another reason why skin whitening isn’t more appealing to others is its price. Let’s face it, skin whitening takes a lot of maintenance and it’s even more expensive than skin tanning. At the same time, there are skin whitening treatments that are very temporary that when you get exposed to the sun, you’ll get dark eventually.

Trying Out Spray Tanning

When I was more convinced that spray tanning gives a better complexion and glow, I went out to try spray tanning in Doncaster. I specifically tried the Beauté because it was near my area and I have heard a lot of good reviews about it.

The clinic offered several tanning services but all of them involved sprays. They have a Classic Spray Tan, Body Bronzing, and a Dark Bronzing Tan. Since it was my first time, I went for the Classic Spray Tan service which was a simple treatment where you just get sprayed on by a tanning mixture which will dry right away.

My first time spray tanning expectation was that I will freak out once they spray all over my body. I thought I would be like Ross in that episode of Friends when he went to try a spray tan and he got very dark skin because it just sprayed and sprayed around his body.  If that were true, I wouldn’t be convinced to get a spray tan myself.

But Beaute was amazing. I told the staff that I wasn’t familiar with the process and they patiently explained to me what to expect. They even recommended getting the Classic Spray Tan because I was a first-timer.

Some Tips You Should Know

For all the first-timers out there, don’t copy me and not do some research before you go to a tanning salon. When you decide to get tanned, make sure that you know what to expect so that you can prepare properly. Here are some things you might also want to know.

  1. Exfoliate before getting a tan.

This is a must-do even if no one will require you. Exfoliating will remove the dead skin cells on your body so that you get to expose your fresh skin to the spray tan.

  1. Remove your make-up.

Yes, you have to remove your make-up. As much as possible, you should be as bare as can be because you want the tan to be even all over your body.

  1. You should tell them how dark you want to be.

As part of the procedure, the staff should always ask you how dark you want to be. You don’t want to go from fair to brown all of a sudden – it just seems so unnatural, right?

  1. The formula dries right away.

When I got my treatment, I only waited for a minute or so before I started getting dressed. During the drying time, avoid moving around and getting dressed because it won’t be as effective.

Based on my experience, there isn’t anything that will make me say no to spray tanning again. Apart from the more affordable treatments, it’s a great way to be proud of dark skin and to achieve that healthy glow under the sun.