Why A Water Flosser Is Essential

The first time I saw a water flosser I thought, “Wow, what a fancy way to clean my teeth!”

Because it was worth around $100, I felt that it was such an unnecessary expense just so I can clean my teeth. There’s already the conventional dental floss. So why get a water flosser?

Trying Out a Water Flosser

Fortunately, I had a friend who uses a water flosser. When we were hanging out, I asked her what the big deal was about these fancy flosses. She easily told me that it makes the mouth feel clean and fresh after brushing.

She explained to me the feeling when you know there wasn’t any gunk lying around in the nooks of my teeth. I admit I was pretty convinced.

So I went on to look for the best water flosser to buy in Australia. Of course, I didn’t want to have a bad experience, so I made sure I only got the best one.  The one I got was a cordless water flosser.

In spite of my worries, it was pretty easy to use. All I had to do was refill it with water and turn it on. It even lets me control how much water and how strong the spray is!

After a minute of doing this, I honestly felt like my mouth was really washed clean. It was like going to the dentist, except cheaper.

Benefits of Using a Water Flosser

If you’re like me and you’re looking for someone to convince you to get a water flosser, then look no further. I want to tell you how much a water flosser can change your entire dental health.

1. You don’t have to use your bare hands.

Let’s be real, not everyone is fond of pulling a dental floss back and forth between their teeth. It’s not the best feeling in the world. Plus, it’s not very comfortable either.

With a water flosser, you don’t have to use your hands to hold the dental floss. All you have to do is turn it on and it will make sure that no acid stays in your mouth. This way, you won’t feel tired cleaning your teeth in the morning.

2. You can mix it with mouthwash.

If you want an additional freshness, then you can do so by adding mouthwash into the mix for the water flosser. Personally, this is a great way to save time water flossing twice or gargling right after.

If ever my toothpaste couldn’t do the job, then I could always use the water flosser to remove dirt and bad breath.

3. It’s great for different tooth types.

Not only is a water flosser good for cleaning the teeth but it can also specialize in different kinds of teeth.

For example, if you just got dental work, then rubbing a string against your teeth won’t make it feel any better. But a water flosser can help you avoid feeling hurt whenever you have to clean your teeth.

4. It’s a lot easier to use.

Since I don’t have the luxury of time, I wanted to have something that was easy to use. If it’s easy to use, then I won’t be wasting my time figuring it out or cleaning my teeth.

Good thing that a water flosser is very convenient to anyone who’s busy. I literally had to just fill it in and press the buttons. It won’t even take a full 5 minutes for you to cleanse your whole mouth.

Now I know what the hype for water flossers was all about. Personally, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get their teeth cleaned thoroughly.