The Benefits of Physiotherapy for Everyone

One big misconception is that physiotherapy benefits only those who have had accidents or surgery. In fact, a physiotherapist is capable of improving the lives of almost anyone, even if you are a fit athlete. Moreover, there are also some conditions that other doctors cannot really help with, except prescribe pain medication, whereas physiotherapy can really bring a huge improvement.

For me, personally, I had the same ideas, which is why I put off visiting the nearby Footscray clinic that focuses on physiotherapy even for ordinary people like me. When I visited their website, I was surprised that people who have very simple complaints, such as back or neck ache, have been greatly helped by their visits. I was always under the assumption that you would just suffer in silence because this kind of pain is somehow a normal part of a busy adult’s life.

If you are also wondering how physiotherapy can improve your daily life, here are some ideas.

  1. It Helps Those with Bad Knees

Living with osteoarthritis means suffering from pain constantly. Because some who have the disease choose not to have surgery, they can opt for physiotherapy. Not only can they help with the pain, they can even pinpoint the cause of your knee pain. It may be caused by some tight muscles around the knee, and it can be treated with the right exercise or stretching regimen. They may also connect it to an imbalanced gait, which may then be corrected by show inserts that are capable of fixing alignment. In fact, physiotherapists are great at looking for the root cause of knee pain, because they tend to look at more than just the joint.

  1. It Teaches You Breathing Techniques

Physiotherapy is not restricted to the musculoskeletal system (or simply the joints and muscles), but they can also address issues with the nervous system, specifically the autonomic movement of muscles and nerves that also control the organs. This means that if you suffer from asthma or sleep apnea, your physiotherapist may teach you some exercises on breathing control. He or she might also try out strengthening and stretching exercises to improve the chest and neck muscles’ mobility.

  1. It May Relieve You of Pelvic Floor Disorders

Women are particularly at risk of these problems, especially after pregnancy and childbirth. Those who also went through abdominal surgery may report tightening pelvic muscles or spasms. Not only does it affect your sex life, it may also lead to incontinence and pain in the abdomen or in the groin. Unfortunately, this will not be diagnosed or even be seen on an MRI or ultrasound but thankfully, your physiotherapist can. Moreover, with the use of the “trigger point release” massage, the spasm can be relieved. Core strengthening exercises and other relaxation techniques may also help a lot.

  1. It Keeps You Slimmer

Preventative health care is such an “in” thing nowadays. Why wait until you get sick before you try to improve your lifestyle? If you are worried about your weight or simply want to keep it at a healthy range, you can work with a physiotherapist to develop an exercise program that will not push you too much. At the same time, he or she can recommend some lifestyle changes (even the right shoes) that can help you stick to a desirable weight and live healthier.

  1. It May Relieve You of Chronic Pain

There can be many reasons for chronic pain, but in general, a physiotherapist can ease this by making the muscles in the area stronger. Of course, in order to do so, he or she will assess and search for the root cause of your pain and design the program from there.

  1. It Can Cure Your Back Pain

This was also the personal reason why I decided to visit the Footscray physiotherapy clinic. Although I was experiencing back pain due to a combination of factors (bad posture, stress and wrong sleeping position), I had put off going to someone about it for a long time. Basically, I was afraid of not being taken seriously because so many other people have the same issues. However, a few days of sharper pain without any idea on how to relieve it have changed my mind.

Back pain can be caused by so many different factors, which is why I was finally happy to come and see a physiotherapist who could look specifically at my situation. Based on these, a three-fold approach may be necessary. First is weight management. Not only does it reduce the stress on knees and joints, but it can thankfully reduce my back pain as well. Next is muscle strengthening, with the aim of improving the mobility and reducing to recurrence of further pain. Last, is called the “re-partnering” of muscles.  This basically means reorganizing the coordination of the muscles in this part of the body through exercise.

Final Word 

Physiotherapy can be greatly beneficial and effective in addressing most musculoskeletal issues, without resorting to surgery or pain medication. This way, not only does the pain go away, but you will also get to find out the main cause and do something about it.