Regular Exercise Keeps Me and My Wife Fit and Healthy

fitnessI am a small businessman and have been living happily with my wife for more than two decades now. We became a couple during our early 20s and got married during our early 30s. I can say that we are still able to do a lot of things that we used to do during our younger years. Even if I am hands on with my small business and my wife is busy with her career, we always make sure that we spend time together as a couple and as a family with are two kids. We go on picnics, camping, watching movies, dining out, and other activities that require us to be physically fit.

What I like about my wife and myself is the fact that we’re both conscious about our health and fitness. We’re glad that we both also love engaging into physical activities. We made sure that during our early years as a married couple to follow regular exercise. It was an agreement that wasn’t very hard for us to do. It’s like making our physically challenging activities more organized and systematic in so far as shaping and keeping the body fit is concerned. We’ve been doing different exercise routines for many years now. Today, we are very thankful that we are able to do almost any type of exercise and fitness as we age.

Since we started engaging into different types of exercise, we have learned a lot about the benefits that we are also able to realize later on. Before we included a once a week workout at the gym, we consulted a professional fitness instructor and we’ve learned that consistency and frequency is crucial to reaping the optimum benefits of exercising the body. He emphasized that well-shaped muscles mean that the body is generally fit and healthy. However, he also emphasized that proper execution of every routine is key to having a truly fit body. The popular phrase “no pain no gain” is not at all completely true according to him. If it is your first time to engage in workouts, it is natural to feel pain during the first days. He said, however, that pain should not be felt every time people do workouts. I was amazed when I experienced that when we started going to the gym. My wife and I became more thankful that we consulted a fitness instructor.    

Aside from the consultation, we also did our own research on the web. We visited several fitness blogs and websites. We’ve also bought and read fitness magazines. Everything that we can learn about fitness, its importance and its benefits are there. But what we want to share about the benefits of exercise are the things that we are actually able to experience and enjoy.

First, we both notice that we are able to maintain our normal weight. We also have body shapes that are not thin or fat. Though we don’t have those ripped muscles that bodybuilders have, we can proudly say that both our bodies are in good shape and also boast of sexy curves. What I like best with our active lifestyle is that we get to enjoy sweets and other sinful foods from time to time without getting fat. This is because we are able to burn the calories we get from them. To keep our digestive healthy, we also make sure that we drink different kinds of tea and freshly extracted juice regularly.

One of the striking benefits that we also noticed is the flexibility of our body. At our age now, we are still able to make wide movements at basically much everything that we used to do in the previous years. We won’t deny that we’re stronger, faster and more flexible when we were younger, but for our age, we are happy that we can still do a lot with getting tired easily. We can still do long trekking and mountain hiking. We still perform different workout routines for a few hours at the gym.

Another benefit that we think is very important in keeping us fit is the good flow of blood in our nerves to the different parts of the body. We’ve learned from our family doctor that good blood circulation is essential to keeping the immune system strong, which is crucial in protecting the body from the development of illnesses.

Regular exercise has definitely kept us fit. But more than that, we also do it because we love keeping our bodies worked out.