Fertility Acupuncture as an Option to Get Pregnant

For many couples, the inability to conceive is a cause of a lot of pain and anguish. Although there are many ways to combat infertility, not all people have the funds to cover the costs of being able to finally conceive.

It is well known that these modern procedures can run up to several hundred to thousands of dollars. For people who don’t have the money having a child will remain to be an elusive dream.

In the search for more affordable and holistic medicine, acupuncture has been touted to be the best thing that can target infertility issues so that women and couples can finally attain their desire to conceive.

Acupuncture is said to be a cure-all to many diseases, and experts say that it can even cure infertility. But before you seek treatment it is important to learn how to choose Melbourne fertility acupuncture clinic.

There are many reasons why infertility occurs, and there is a delicate and symbiotic connection between the many systems of the body, which may affect people’s ability to conceive.

What is Infertility?

Being unable to conceive after one year of unprotected sex is defined by medical professionals as a state of infertility. Women who can’t carry through pregnancy may also be diagnosed with infertility. At least 12% of the population of women 15 to 44 years old are infected with infertility.

When it comes to couples, a female and a malefactor may come into play with regards to infertility. At least 8% of the time, it is the male who is afflicted with infertility.

Fertility and Acupuncture

From the point of view of Chinese medicine, acupuncture is not just there to help conceive but also to stay pregnant and to help carry a baby to term.

Acupuncture is helpful in so many ways because it helps in the functioning of the body. It helps mitigate factors that may prevent a person from getting pregnant:

  • A study has found that women who are trying to get pregnant are more likely to succeed when adding acupuncture to their arsenal rather than simply adhering to lifestyle changes.
  • Women who are undergoing IVF also had greater chances of conception when they undergo acupuncture. 
  • High levels of cortisol, which is a cause of miscarriage in women, are significantly decreased upon the administration of acupuncture.
  • Acupuncture helps balance the endocrine system.
  • The process of acupuncture helps women reduce their depression, thus promoting their fertility.
  • The blood flow in the reproductive system helps nourish the egg and the uterus creating better chances for a baby to be carried to term. 

Modern Acupuncture

Modern acupuncture requires the insertion of a small needle into the skin. These needles are disposable and sterile and are placed at specific points in the body. 

It is said that there are over 2,000 acupuncture points in the body which connect pathways or meridians. There is a symbiosis of energy on the surface of the body and in the internal organs. This energy helps balance the emotional, physical, and mental states.

When the flow of energy is disrupted, the energy is blocked and doesn’t flow freely. One of the effects of this blocked energy is the inability to conceive.

Acupuncture and Stress

Stress is one of the main causes of infertility, and acupuncture is an effective way of reducing stress in a person.

When people are under stress, there is an oversupply of cortisol in the brain and in the body, which alters the neurochemical balance of the brain and disrupts the pituitary gland’s role in the reproductive process of conceiving. 

Acupuncture can also help a woman who is already conceiving by helping her mitigate the negative effects of pregnancy, such as morning sickness, nausea, anxiety, and depression so she can carry her baby through. 

Acupuncture Consultations

Your initial visit to an acupuncturist will include an in-depth consultation. You will be asked a lot of questions, including what your diet is and your bathroom habits. They will also question you about your stress levels.

The acupuncturist may try to stimulate you at the different points of your body. Inserting needles on the head promotes relaxation.

Needles that are inserted on the stomach area help open up the ovaries to a fresh supply of blood. Pressure points on the lower legs are also inserted with needles to bring stimulation to the reproductive organs.

Final Thoughts

It is important to explore all avenues if you are trying to get pregnant. Proper preparation should be done when you are trying to conceive, and you should make the necessary lifestyle changes to have a successful conception.