Experience Massage Therapy for Two

massage-therapy-oct-4For a couple with kids, life can be very busy and quite stressful. Between jobs, responsibilities and time spent as a family, it can be tough to find time to relax and to bond with the spouse. Even though we spend time together during date nights, we always seem to end up talking about the children. As our next anniversary was coming up, we decided to do something different and splurge on a wellness escape for us.

We decided to do a couples massage for both of us during this weekend, because we read so many good reviews and what benefits it brings to the couple. We have had some experience with massage sessions separately, but we thought it was time to share the relaxing experience together. After all, it is a very different feeling when one of us comes home from a massage so stress-free and seeing that the other has not had the same chance to pamper himself or herself.

Our friendly massage therapist in Mildura booked for us an unforgettable therapy that allowed us to be in the room together. We still had our own beds and one person doing the massage each, but being together was a great gift for us as parents and partners through the daily stresses of life. We were happy to know that we were both getting the chance to relieve our bodies of the tension that is unavoidable in such busy lives.

During the time we were enjoying the massage, we could chat a bit and really ask each other how we are doing, individually and as a couple. It feels good to know that your spouse is being pampered and feeling lighter and better. Knowing that the other is close by made the session also more comfortable, much more than when you are just in the room with a stranger.

The session opened our eyes to little aches and complaints that maybe we do not notice, and it was great to have an expert work on it and work on the knots to relieve the pain. It was still very professional and personalized to each person’s bodies. For example, my husband is a very active person who likes to run and bike a lot, so his legs can be very tight and he likes to have a deeper massage to relax them. As for me, as a mom who has to do a lot of chores and still sit in front of a computer to work, I end up having a lot of tension in my shoulders and often suffer from headaches. Communicating these needs and special wishes allowed us to still enjoy a more specific massage even though we were together.

The massage session was very good for both of us, especially since going for this treatment does bring a lot of advantages. Beyond relieving one of stress and tension, blood circulation and blood pressure can be improved. Even the immune system gets a good boost. This is important for a couple who does not have the luxury of lying in bed for a week down with the flu. We have to do a lot and have a lot of responsibilities. Being able to give our bodies the time to relax is a great gift to ourselves and our family.

At the end of the day, getting a massage improves your mood. It seemed like all the petty things we had been arguing about before the session disappeared, and was replaced with contented looks on our faces. This therapy is great at benefiting the body but also the mind and soul. When we finally got home to our kids, we felt more refreshed, energized and eager to play with them. No one had short tempers thanks to the peace that we felt deep down inside. When we look back, most of the arguments and problems we had as a family started because of a lack of sleep, stress and simple fatigue. When parents forget to take care of themselves and each other, it can really show in our tempers and words.

If you think that massage therapy is great for the individual, it is even more than twice as good for a couple. Making the time to be away from children and dedicating it to each other is important. This day, we shared the feeling of peace and total relaxation and saw how it benefited each and both of us. In fact, the added advantages also surprised us. For the next few days we were less tired and slept better, and the mood at home was also much lighter and happier.

Our experience has made us decide to do this more often together. The benefits of the shared treatment really showed us how important it is for both of us to be pampered. So if you, as a couple, have been wondering whether to try it out yourselves, we would greatly recommend it!