Discovering the Wonders of Acupuncture and Keeping Up with Good Health

chinese-acupunctureWe are a couple living in Melbourne, Australia and are already in our mid-30s. We are just in the first years of our family we are building. Though we have been together for more than 10 years already, we just had our first child 2 years ago. Because we have a little child, we are working harder to make sure we provide him the things he needs to live a quality life. After many weeks of always working so hard, we noticed that we are having muscle pains and fatigue that later on affect our work performance and overall health status. This pushed us to look for an alternative way to help us regain our good health and fit body. In the end, we stumbled upon and choose to try acupuncture.  

But before we started looking for a clinic, my partner and I studied about the effectiveness of acupuncture first. What we only know about acupuncture is that it is a classical oriental science method of medical treatment. Well, that was before. After some search on the web, we have learned that it has been in practice in China for more than 8,000 years now. It started from the Daoist people that practiced meditation and observance of the universe’s flow of energy. As a traditional medical practice, acupuncture was developed greatly during the Sui and Tang dynasties.

When it comes to its effectiveness, the fundamental healing principle of acupuncture comes from the belief that the body has energy flow patterns, which are called Qi. When these patterns are disrupted, the person suffers from different diseases and unhealthy body conditions. The use of very tiny needles that are inserted into the skin is believed to be effective in restoring the energy flow of the body. As a result, the body heals from the diseases it acquired during disruptions of energy flow. We learned these things from Melbourne Chinese acupuncture – Freedom Chinese Medicine.         

Aside from the amazing history, we have also learned about acupuncture’s numerous benefits such as reduction of migraines and headaches, improvement of chronic pain in the back, neck and knee, treatment of insomnia, improvement of cancer and cancer chemotherapy recovery, prevention of cognitive decline, and aid in pregnancy, labor and postpartum health. We became excited when we learned that the tiny needles are effective in improving the condition of pained and fatigued muscles.  

Because we were already convinced that the Chinese practice is going to help us tremendously, we started looking for a clinic in Melbourne that offers the traditional medical practice. Luckily, we were able to find one that we think is reliable and professional. We visited the clinic immediately and consulted with one of the acupuncture practitioners. We explained our situation and the reason why we went to the clinic. The practitioner told us that a few sessions of acupuncture will greatly improve our condition. He also mentioned further that once in a while visit to the clinic will also benefit us in the long run. He said that there are long-term benefits that we will be thankful for if we started early in having regular sessions of acupuncture.  

After several minutes of consultation and discussion, we had our first experience of the tiny needles. Of course, it felt strange and unfamiliar. After several seconds, we felt like weak currents of electricity are working inside our body. It’s not discomforting though. We actually started to feel relaxed and at peace after the first few minutes of having the tiny needles inserted into our skin. We were surprised with the very relaxing feeling the needles were giving us during that first experience.  

We left the clinic very happy and satisfied. We also set the date of our next appointment because we really felt relieved from the muscle pains and fatigue that have been giving us feeling of discomfort while on our work.  

When we returned home, we did further research about the benefits of acupuncture. We learned that the medical practice is effective in treating numerous diseases, conditions and symptoms such as headache, hypertension, hypotension, facial pain, epigastralgia, dysmenorrhoea, dysentery, biliary colic, allergic rhinitis, depression, neck pain, pain in dentistry, nausea and vomiting, low back pain, knee pain, induction of labor, morning sickness, malposition of fetus, postoperative pain, periarthritis of shoulder, tennis elbow, stroke, sprain, sciatica, renal colic, and rheumatoid arthritis.        

It’s been several days since our first session of acupuncture and we can’t help but smile because we can still feel the effects. We feel like our body is relaxed and our blood is able to flow freely.