4 Advantages of Exercising on a Rowing Machine

Most of my friends use a treadmill or an exercise bike whenever they hit the gym. These are excellent exercise machines that can get you all pumped up for better health and fitness. However, there is another piece of gym equipment that many folks often overlook.

This is the rowing machine. Also known as ergometer or rower, a rowing machine can provide you with more invaluable health benefits than what treadmills and exercise bikes combined can give.

Before you start reading Australian rowing machine reviews, let me first share with you the 4 advantages of exercising on this machine.

1. Combines Cardio and Resistance Training

It is true that running on a treadmill and riding the exercise bike are excellent forms of cardiovascular training. They can get your heart pumping so much faster.

But we all know by now that getting fit is not all about improving your cardio. You have to build muscles, too. That is why I am a firm believer in a combination of cardio and resistance or strength training exercises.

Cardio training allows you to improve your stamina or endurance, which can be very helpful in your fitness goals. It is quite difficult to imagine finishing a complete training set if you don’t have the stamina to do it.

But then, equally important is the tone and strength of the muscles. I find my exercises a lot easier to accomplish because I have stronger and more toned muscles.

Rowing machines allow you to perform both cardio training and strength or resistance training. You’ll be pushing with your feet and legs and pulling on a resistance mechanism with your hands and arms.

These mechanisms exert pressure which you have to work against. Hence, you strengthen and tone the muscles of your extremities as well as the core muscles.

2. Provides Versatile Workouts

In a treadmill or exercise bike, it is very difficult to modify your position so that you can achieve different exercise results. What I found very interesting with rowing machines is that I can always flip my hand to hold the handlebar in an underhand-grip manner.

I will then bend my elbows so that the handlebar will be in line with my chin. This way, I will be performing a bicep curl. It’s like doing the exercise with a barbell, except I am using the resistance band on the rowing machine.

The same is true when targeting other muscles of the body. One only needs to change or modify the way the different components of the machine are used.

By the way, did you know that you can perform high intensity interval training on a rowing machine? You can. And that is something that is quite unbelievable.

If you can have different exercises using a single piece of gym equipment, wouldn’t you think that’s amazing, too? I do.

3. Gentle on the Joints

I have some friends who are already afflicted with arthritis. This is one of their reasons for not using the treadmill anymore. Each step they make on the platform sends shockwaves of pain in their joints. That’s not going to happen if you’re going to work out on the rowing machine.

While you will still bend and stretch your knees as you push the seat against the footrest, you are not delivering impact forces to your joints. It is almost the same as the joint-friendliness of an exercise bike; only better.

Why? Well, in an exercise bike, you’d have to pedal the machine a lot faster. This means more repetitive motions. Rowing promotes smoother and gentler movements.

4. Strengthens and Supports the Lower Back

Some say that rowing machines will hurt your lower back. This is because you’ll be in a hunched position as you row with your hands and push with your legs. I agree, but only if you don’t observe the correct way of using the machine.

As a matter of fact, rowing machines can help strengthen the muscles of the lower back as well as the core muscles. It can also help support the different structures in this part of the human body.

With purposeful movements, you will find yourself saying goodbye to low back pain. It will also help you achieve better stability while maintaining good posture. The key, of course, is to perform the exercise the correct way.

I’ve heard a lot of people saying many nice things about rowing machines. For me, however, it’s these 4 advantages that are keeping me glued to this wonderful gym equipment.